Unique, Adventurous, Compassionate

Carol framed everything she did with kindness and active compassion. Kindness was at the heart of her medical career, and her encounters with people every day.
Carol made friends wherever she went in the world. Her face lit up telling stories, and being with friends, and telling stories about being with friends.
We hope this site will remind you of the light Carol brought to us all.
We hope that you will send your stories and images of Carol, and allow us to share them here. We promise to have links to the Washington Cathedral and to "Frog and Toad", she loved them both.
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Remembering Carol

The videos here represent some of the places Carol loved, Maine, Dumbarton Oaks, Rock Creek, Great Falls, the Washington Cathedral, the Community Gardens in A.U. Park. If you want to send new video of an area that Carol enjoyed, with its natural ambient sounds, we are happy to include it.

Email from Carol dated March, 2020

Thought you all might appreciate this.  Nice to see something affirming and uplifting in a time which, as one of my friends said, seems very dark...   

Some of these practices [Washington National Cathedral] are relatively conventional, others not so much (e.g.live stream lectio divina and centering prayer, plant a garden, explore theology through art).  Might be a way to try out some new spiritual practices... 

I know the woman who will be leading the online retreat Saturday. and the weekly lectio divina and centering prayer (Terri Lynn Simpson) - she's very good. 

Hope everyone is staying well (physically, mentally, emotionally) in the midst of all this...

Love, Carol

Email from Carol dated March, 2020

I wanted to forward a couple of resources from the Cathedral. They are posting daily Lenten meditations, daily Morning and Evening Prayer sessions, and Sunday morning worship services. 

You can sign up for the daily Lenten meditations; below is a link to Sunday's meditation which you might find interesting, from the Dean of the Cathedral, and a link to the full list of meditations:

Email from Bruce, November 2020

On Wed, 18 Nov 2020 at 17:23, Bruce Salmon  wrote:

Hi Jim, Jane, Marilyn, and Leanne,

I was going to wait until Carol’s birthday to send this, but I thought maybe it would help you remember her this week before her birthday.

Carol and I exchanged a few periodic texts.  On Christmas Day after your father/uncle died, I sent her a text with the message: “Carol, we are in Texas visiting my mother (age 94).  Our granddaughter Ford is here from California, along with our son Marc and his wife Stacey.  I am thinking about your dad today and giving thanks for our friendship.”

She replied, “Thank you, Bruce!  Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas with family and friends…Last night at Cathedral we sang, “O come all ye faithful.” 3rd stanza – “Sing, choirs of angels…Sing all ye citizens of heaven above.”  My parents – and many others!! – are part of the citizen choir 😊”  

I had forgotten about this text until I came upon it a few days ago.  Marilyn told me about Carol trying to sing on the day she died.  I closed her eulogy by saying, “Well, Carol is singing now.”  Yes, along with her parents, Carol is part of that citizen choir in heaven above.  Thanks be to God.



Email from Marianne dated October, 2020

Carol, my sister in faith, I have hoped and prayed along with you, through the last years, for a solution to your condition.  You have seen triumphant moments of recovery, months of hard work and times of disappointment.  I have also worried as time has passed and especially now, about how much suffering you have been and are going through and how very tired you have become.  You are an amazing, strong person and have done so much to keep going and get better and have done so much for all those around you.

Email from Carol dated June, 2020

Hi Holbrook!  Sending you a link to the article I mentioned, that lists a number of famous musicians/others and their favorite brief (about 5 min) cello selections.  

Also copying others in case they're interested...



Carol in Pictures

And with friends and family

Carol in Cascade Head, Oregon, 2010


Carol in Axsum, Ethiopia


Carol, with Alex, Holbrook and Marielle in Audubon bird blind, Greenwich, Connecticut, 2019


Julian reads from "Frog and Toad" to his "class", with his assistant, the dog Carol gave to him.


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MSF (Medecins Sans Frontières)
CARE International
SOME (So Others Might Eat)
Equal Justice Initiative
Washington National Cathedral